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Bespoke Mentor Programs 


Every organization is different and a successful Mentor Program needs to be a custom design.  We take the time to understand your business and its vision and mission.  With a thorough understanding of the formal and informal structure of your business, the profit drivers and its key challenges, we create a structured program, based on our unique Cross-Product Line Concept.  All Mentor Programs come with training and development both at the launch and throughout the life of the Program.

Corporate Development and Succession Planning


Successful mentor programmes are enduring and become part of the corporate culture.  To promote valuable female executives, there must be an adequate pipeline.  In addition, succession planning with a view to the C-Suite is a critical part of the Women's Mentor Initiative.



We have a keen eye for the best female talent for every level of your organization.  We recruit strong female leaders, and those women that will become such,  as part of our work on your  Mentor Program while keeping the costs down. 

Mentors for Senior Executive Women

Sometimes there are no appropriate mentors available within the organisation.  When valuable Senior Executives need external mentoring, it is critical to the organization that they get it. External mentoring can improve the corporate culture, avoid or remediate difficult circumstances such as harassment and/or help an executive deal with Work/Life Balance issues.  WMI provides bespoke, one-on-one mentoring in a confidential relationship with the executive. 

​Training for both Mentors and Mentees


Not all senior executives are born to be good mentors. Forcing the mentor/mentee relationship can cause more damage to the organization and result in the woman leaving her employment.    The WMI provides leading, continuous training for Mentors, together with a professional dedicated to your company to answer questions or deal with concerns in real time.


In the same way, not all employees know how to be mentored.  Therefore, we coach your employees so that they can get the  most out of the mentored experience.  Coaching sessions are tailored to the employee and can be in person and over the phone.  Often a series of both interfaces works best.


Coaching is also continuous throughout the life of our contract.

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