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Good companies know that their success depends on the quality of their people. Truly great companies develop their people into high performing executives that deliver their company's mission.  


Our unique, cross business-function mentor program creates an environment where good mentors are the norm and great employees thrive.


The WMI empowers the women at all levels of the organization while improving the cross functionality and profitability of your business units.


Over twenty-five years of experience in the fields of Law and Financial Services, lead to the creation of the WMI.  Our story is not unique - but what is unique is how the WMI turns good mentors of women into their great sponsors.

  • Bespoke Mentor Programs for Women


  • Mentors for Senior Executive Women


  • Mentor Training and Coaching for Mentees 


  • Corporate Development​​​​ and ​Strategic Succession Planning


  • ​Recruitment ​


  • Leadership Coaching

Unlock the power of your people



Our Vision is to be the best provider of mentorship training,  to create opportunities for women to maximize their contribution through realizing their full potential and succeed at every level of our clients' businesses; including at the board level. 


Our Mission is to help our clients increase shareholder value by creating a motivated, success-driven workforce across the entire company by mentoring their female talent.   We deliver our Mission through our unique mentor programs, one-on-one training and on-going support. We are dedicated to making a better workplace environment for women so that both men and women improve productivity for the benefit of all stakeholders. 

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